Time Warner Cable’s Open Letter to Customers Reveals Upcoming Changes

In the recent Time Warner Cable’s open letter to customers, the company announced some interesting changes and revealed the new direction their business is taking. This letter was published in 18 major newspapers, which includes the New York Times.

What’s the motivation behind their actions?

According to the company’s own words, they realize the fact that the majority of people didn’t think too highly of them and their services. All of this, however, sparked a desire to make a change for the better, and that is the core of their new mindset.

No matter how we put things, tv, internet, and phone services are a crucial part of the civilization as we imagine it today, and the cable companies are the entity with all the power to determine how things are going to be. Most notably, the user’s experience, which can be directly translated to the quality of one’s life.

Now, Time Warner Cable’s first priority is to please their customers and do everything in their power to reach that level of satisfaction. By doing that, the company aims to regain at least a little bit of the customers’ respect.

What are those changes?

For starters, they will be heavily reducing the waiting times with flexible schedules and 1-hour arrivals. Customer support will also get a relatively large quality upgrade, since people were getting upset with getting late responses. The new rule is that if their phone lines ever get overloaded, the customer gets the option to be called back at any preferred date and time, so at least the waiting aspect will be efficiently dealt with.

Some people lost service and had to wait for days in order to fix the error and get them back on track. This won’t be happening any longer, since the company is promising to resolve any future issues within a 24-hour period.

There are some additional tech support options available for those who fancy having an alternative. Now, you can also use the online chat feature to communicate with the tech support department. Their website also has a couple of other useful features designed to improve all aspects of user experience. To list a couple examples: the local wi-fi hotspot locator and the equipment status checker.

As is expected, the services will get a couple of improvements as well. The internet data transfer speeds should now be superior to the ones that were available before, and there are now various device compatibility improvements that will truly push the service forward. To name one example, you can now watch the streams on most every device in your home, as well as take advantage of the on-demand programming feature.

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What’s their vision for the future?

Aside from constantly investing time and resources into improving the overall infrastructure to provide better and more stable services, the company’s plans for the future don’t end there. They are also hiring new experts who are going to lend them their professional experience and help them realize the plans they set in motion. For years Satellite TV providers like DISH Network have been better than Time Warner when it comes to price and customer satisfaction. TWC’s aim is to end this.

The customers are already reporting an improvement and an overall greater satisfaction levels with the company and the services they offer. However, disintegrated trust takes a long time to repair, which they fully realize and embrace, so they are prepared to transform their plans into reality no matter how long it’s going to take.

To show some evidence of their commitment, they are even poking fun at their so-called “elevator music” the customers had to listen through their phones while calling the tech support department in one of their ads. Another one of their witty ads is poking fun at having to stay at home all day waiting for the cable guy to finally show up, not knowing the exact date and time of the visit, the overall duration of the visit, or if the cable guy will even show up that day at all.

As they said themselves, a couple of funny commercials isn’t exactly going to get the job done, but the ads themselves can be viewed as concrete evidence that their intentions are just, and that things are really going to start taking a whole new direction this time, which the customers themselves are already confirming.

All in all, this is exciting news for the whole country, and big changes are coming indeed. Only the future will tell if they’re going to stay true to their promises, but as of right now, things are looking pretty good!