Stream your favorite Netflix & Amazon Prime Shows with your DISH Network Hopper DVR

DISH Network makes it easy to enjoy your favorite Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube shows all in one place! Log in to your favorite streaming services through your Hopper DVR and use your DISH remote to switch from live TV to streaming services at the push of a button. No more changing inputs, casting from your mobile device, fussing with wires or buying external devices just to get streaming content on your TV. Get the best of live TV, on-demand content and streaming TV in high-definition and 4K with DISH Network. Click here to browse our current DISH Network TV packages.

Does Dish Have a Streaming Service?

Better than any streaming service out there, you can get live TV, recorded shows and movies on-demand through your Dish DVR – then stream it to just about any screen in your house with Dish Anywhere technology! Best of all, even when the internet is down, your entertainment is still available. DISH Network enjoys 99% uptime so even severe weather that knocks out your internet connection won’t keep you from the shows you love. Of course, you can also connect your Netflix and Amazon Prime accounts through the Hopper DVR and easily watch your favorite streaming programs.