DISH vs. DirecTV in 2024 – Comparing TV Providers

Deciding which satellite TV provider to choose can be confusing. DISH Network and DirecTV are the two major satellite TV providers in the US. Find out below which provider is right for you! We’ll compare DISH and DirecTV head-to-head so you can decide for yourself which provider gives you the best value.


DISH Network and DirecTV offer similar channels, but DISH Network packages have some advantages over DirecTV. DISH offers a more extensive range of options, including a larger selection of international programming. Moreover, DISH has exclusive channels such as the NFL Redzone, which is unavailable on DirecTV.

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Signal Reliability Money-Back GuaranteeYESNO
Access to Every Professional Football Game this FallYESNO
Built-in Streaming Apps: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTubeYESNO
Live, Recorded & Streaming TV on your DVRYESNO