Time Warner Cable Services: TV, Internet & Phone

Time Warner Cable (TWC) is rated the second biggest cable provider in the U.S. The company has more than 15 million clients with digital TV, telephone and internet access. This extensive ISP services 29 states, and bolsters web speeds of up to 50 Mbps, and incorporates free web security.

If you adore films and other TV programs, you will value the expansive inventory offered by Time Warner Cable. With more than 15,000 titles, you’ll have the capacity to watch an assortment of motion pictures, premium TV shows, local channels, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, the services are available all around your calendar, at whatever point you need. On the off chance that on demand, computer programs are vital to you, Time Warner Cable won’t baffle.

START OVER® and LOOK BACK® Features:

Start Over® and Look Back® are two features offered by Time Warner Cable that enhance your TV survey experience. Start Over® permits you to restart a demonstrate that is at present in advancement, while Look Back® gives you the capacity to watch Primetime shows 72 hours after they have circulated. With features like these, it’s about giving you the flexibility to watch the projects you need on your time. In the event that you value somewhat additional control over your TV watching, Time Warner Cable has an extraordinary arrangement of apparatuses to help you.

The organization can bolster web association paces of up to 50 Mbps. On the off chance that you needn’t bother with the speediest speeds, there are lower price choices. Time Warner Cable, is situated in midtown Manhattan and has 31 working divisions in urban communities such as San Diego, Buffalo, Greensboro and Cincinnati.

Like every other single link company, TWC has gotten some terrible press and surveys, but that as it may, it has demonstrated the ability for conveying fast web well above 10 Mbps in numerous regions. In all tests, TWC shows speeds quicker than remote and satellite alternatives and frequently is the main fast web choice in a range. This organization likewise has the foundation and income expected to keep on extending and enhance administrations, which is imperative for long haul constancy.

TWC offers an assortment of web access alternatives, including the Ultimate 50 arrangement, which can give download rates of up to 50 Mbps and up to 5 Mbps transfer speeds. The arrangement presents 30 Mbps downloads velocities and 5 Mbps for transfer speeds, like the ultimate choice. In outsider tests, TWC performs in about the main 25 percent of ISPs and demonstrates ability to perform requested assignments, for example, gushing music and motion pictures. On the other hand, these paces provided are accessible in each territory that Time Warner Cable serves. To get an accurate thought of what is accessible in your area, you have to contact the organization.

Administration Details

Time Warner Cable gives fast information administrations to roughly 15 million private clients in 29 states. Like most huge link organizations, TWC gives a bigger number of administrations to urban communities and rural areas than country ranges. This ISP disregards the West and a bit of the Southeast, including states, for example, Montana, Nevada, Florida and Georgia. Moreover, not all regions have admittance to the more up to date half breed fiber coaxial system that gives 75 Mbps download speeds.

Additional Services

Taking care of business, Time Warner Cable web records incorporate 30 email accounts with 5GB of free email stockpiling, and also free antivirus, antispam and firewall assurance. Time Warner web arranges additional parental controls. The web security TWC incorporates is the McAfee Internet Security Suite. The parental controls with the product can sieve sites and channel content. TWC likewise gives advanced DVR, HD TV, voice arrangements and portable administrations. Like most extensive link organizations, the organization additionally offers packaged bundles for TV, telephone and digital web administrations. A few administrations offered just in constrained territories incorporate on-interest films, remote DVR administration, entire house DVR and on-interest recording.

Customer Support

As a TWC client, you can contact client administration by means of talk day in and day out or call your neighborhood bolster office. You can likewise send an email whenever or seek the bolster articles. The administration focuses with deals, installments, self-introduce units, box swaps, item exhibitions and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. What’s more, numerous Best Buys and P.C. Richard and Sons areas can include or redesign TWC administrations.

As a rule, TWC has the capacity to get administration techs out to supporters in just a couple of days. Since link execution can be influenced by numerous things, for example, terrible associations, climate, awful modems, hub over-burdens etc, they are swift to get somebody on location soon to make sense of the issue, regardless of the fact that it takes various visits, and TWC appears to be fit for doing this. On the off chance that one of TWC’s speedier web bundles is accessible in your general vicinity, it is well worth investigating, particularly in the event that you appreciate online media and have more than one PC associated in your home.