IntelligentHome: Security, Home and Energy Management

Time Warner has grown to become a household brand in many American families. Well, that success has been born out of keeping pace with the changing needs of customers and the advance in technology. With every new twist in technology, Time Warner has always made the right move to keep its products and services in the most wanted list. Now from internet services, the company has ventured into a new area: home security automation. Time Warner’s IntelligentHome Service is yet another reason for customers to remain loyal to the company for the foreseeable future.

Do you know about the IntelligentHome Service being availed by Time Warner Cable? If you don’t then you are missing a lot. Here is all you need to know about this relatively new service which is becoming popular with every other day.

What is IntelligentHome Service?

Basically, this is a home security toolkit that can be controlled remotely from a touch-screen command interface. The touch screen device is running on an Android OS and it is intricately designed like a mobile device but far more superior. The system is crafted in such a way that when the security of a home subscribed to the service is breached; the device uses Wi-Fi connectivity to make an emergency call to a centralized Time Warner alarm station. With these call, Time Warner would be able to pick on the address and then call the home owner or the relevant authority.

The device should be placed on its charging cradle so as to stay powered at all times. In case of power loss at your home, the device has a 24-hour power back up and this can you’re your home secure before you get power back.

The Package Options

Time Warner’s IntelligentHome Services bring three options to home owners:

  • Select package which will cost you $99.99. This option covers 2 doors/windows sensors and a motion sensor. It is suitable for small homes.
  • Premier package worth $399.99. It comes with 4 doors/windows sensors, indoor camera and a key fob controller.
  • Ultra package valued at $699.99. On top of combining all the features of the first two options, the Ultra package adds an outdoor camera, a lamp adapter and a thermostat.

Easy Installation

The device is wireless and thus very easy to install in your home. This also means that it is suited to any type of home given the flexibility that comes with it. Time Warner charges $99 for installation but those who are lucky to buy it during promotions get the installation for free.

How to Subscribe

For you to qualify for subscription, you have to be a current user of the company’s internet service. The monthly subscription fee is $39.99 plus taxes and new customers are expected to sign an 18-month agreement before they come on board.

How it Works

The system is triggered by instances like opening of doors, smoke and motion. The camera is then focused on the particular source of movement and then records. The system can keep as many as 100 videos within a span of 2 months. Once the videos are recorded, they cannot be deleted on the touch-screen device.

DIY Programming

Time Warner hands a great deal of control of the system to users. For you to program in on your own, you should access the IntelligentHome website where there are rules. The rules are broadly categorized into groups i.e. event rules and non-event rules. Users can program the system by changing the rules. For instance, you can command the system to react in a certain way if a given event happens. On other hand, you can command it to react even when nothing happens. The first and second examples are event rules and non-event rules respectively.


The service has been lauded as innovative and one which has improved home security by a great measure. Some of the advantages of the IntelligentHome services are:

  • Customized home security
  • Remote access and control of home security
  • Provision of 24/7 video surveillance
  • Mobile monitoring of home security
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Relatively cheaper

If you have been nagged by your home security, Time Warner’s IntelligentHome service has solved that problem for you. It comes easy to use and control. Home security never got this better and it is once again Time Warner proving to be the most innovative cable company.