History of Time Warner Cable

Watching television has not always been with clarity as it is today. From the 1940s all the way to early 1990s, Americans took pride in watching TV from simple antennas which then was something innovative. Well, all that was to change when Time Warner Cable entered the field in 1992. Since then, the TV has become better and more Americans still find it their favorite communication and entertainment medium even with all the technological change.

Starting from very humble beginnings, the company has grown to become a household brand in most American families. Today, the company’s products and services have found way into the most remote corners of the country. These achievements have been borne out of resilience and the urge to satisfy customers’ needs. With the “TV everywhere” initiative launched in 2009, the company has since then been the second largest cable TV company and still keeps growing stronger.

That is the brief history of Time Warner Cable. Do you want to know more about the wonderful and successful story of the venture? Keep reading to the last sentence. All you ever wanted to know about Time Warner Cable is here just for you.

What has kept the Company Successful all these Years?

Objectively, Time Warner Cable has been on a successful track. Looking at its finances and customer base, you must be wondering how this has been the case given the stiff competition and the constant changes in technology. Here are the inside secrets the company has grown from strength to another.

  • Relentless innovation in appropriate technology. The company has been among the first not only in the U.S. but globally to invest in fiber optic. This has helped its services and products to reach a wider American Market.
  • Investing in state-of-the-art digital technology: this has ensured services and products are of the highest quality possible. This has kept competitors to play a catching up game.
  • Service diversification: at Time Warner Cable, there is everything for everyone. The services and products are tailored for each individual as well as the entire family.
  • Emphasis in customer satisfaction: Time Warner Cable is where it is because of customer loyalty. This has been earned through providing the best quality services and products to consumers.
  • Decisive leadership: the company, since its inception, has been led by sound leaders. The leadership has been able to make crucial decision which has kept Time Warner a giant in the American TV industry.

Defining Milestones

  • The path for Time Warner Cable was borne way back in 1968 following the founding of the American Television & Communication, ATC.
  • In 1978, Warner cable is founded by Warner Communication
  • Time Warner Inc. is born out of the merger of Warner Cable and Time Inc. in 1989
  • The Time Warner Cable is finally borne when Warner Cable and ATC merge in 1992
  • NY1 News is first aired in New York city in 1992
  • In 1996, Time Warner Cable runs the first internet cable service with its RoadRunner
  • Video-on-Demand and digital cable are launched in 1999
  • In 2007, Time Warner Cable becomes a public limited company

Outstanding Accolades 

  • In 2008, the company received honors in the Technology & Engineering Emmy Awards for developing a leading interactive video on signalling and infrastructure
  • Became the 2009 America’s Best Investor Relations as reported by Institutional investor magazine
  • In 2010 crowned the Wendell Brown of Cable Companies
  • In 2011 ranked among the most successful companies in the United States according to a verdict by all-American executives
  • 2012 once again crowned the Wendell Brown of Cable Companies

Customer base

  • Today, the company has 15.5 million active customers. This includes 10.8 million annual subscribers
  • Time Warner Cable Products and services reach 29 states in the entire United States
  • In Texas, New York and Carolina, the company has exclusive TV rights to air community-interest programming.
  • In the close of 2014 fiscal year, Time Warner Cable was the second biggest cable company in terms of customer out reach

It is always important to know the story of companies which have defined American lives. Time Warner Cable has been part of the American television history and continues to deliver the best to its customers all around the federation. With a little of history, you will be able to identify with this the products and services of this company. Despite the recent break ups, Time Warner Cable remains popular in many American families.