Compare The Largest US TV Providers by the Number of Subscribers

The following data displays the leading subscription-based TV providers in the United States, sorted by the number of subscribers at the end of Q3 2015.

The top pay-TV providers listed below sum to 94.0 million subscribers. 48.8 million cable subscribers, 33.5 million satellite subscribers, and 11.7 fiber subscribers.

The big losers in customer satisfaction ratings are Comcast and Time Warner Cable, with year over year ACSI score change of -10% and -9% respectively. DISH and AT&T U-Verse stay consistent with 2014’s scores, and Verizon FiOS and Charter improved.

TV Providers in the United States
ProviderEnd of Q3 2015 SubscribersTechnologyACSI
DISH Network13,909,000Satellite67
Time Warner10,977,000Cable51
AT&T U-Verse5,880,000Fiber69
Verizon FiOS5,807,000Fiber71
Cox4,158,000 [1]Cable62
Bright House2,500,000 [2]Cable65
WOW564,500Cable66 [3]
Cable ONE380,807Cable66 [3]

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3. Most recent data for WOW and Cable ONE is from Q3 2014

The chart above displays the top pay TV providers in the United States. Consumers have the option between cable, satellite and fiber. Many communities only have one cable television provider that services them. Typically, limited competition leads to higher competition. So it helps consumers to have satellite television as an option available nearly country-wide. The only area satellite isn’t a great option is in downtown areas with big buildings that block a satellite dish’s view of the western sky.