Who is the Best Satellite TV Service Provider in 2019?

The two best satellite TV providers in 2019 are DISH and DIRECTV. Both companies offer customers similar programming that feature an extensive array of TV channels, live sports and even On-demand services. DISH Satellite TV packages start at $37.99 and DIRECTV Packages start at $50.

For a side-by-side comparison of satellite TV providers visit DISH vs DIRECTV.

A major benefit of satellite TV service is its availability. Satellite technology does not rely on cable infrastructure to reliably transmit television service, and can truly broadcast anywhere. Cable TV companies are generally not able to cater to rural or remote customers, while Satellite companies can accommodate any customer with a clear view of the southern sky.

Nobody wants to overpay on satellite television. Compare DISH and DIRECTV, then make the switch to the low-cost leader in digital programming.

Tip: For the best TV packages at the lowest cost, choose the satellite provider with a reputation for quality and reliability.