Magnolia Network (MAGN): DISH Channel Number 111

Replacing DIY Network in 2022, the Magnolia Network brings a collection of inspiring original series curated by Chip and Joanna Gaines. The Magnolia Network introduces you to America’s most talented artisans, chefs, creators and entrepreneurs across design, food arts, and more. Top shows include Magnolia Network originals and popular DIY Network features like Fixer Upper: Welcome Home, The Lost Kitchen, Magnolia Table, Restoration Road, Maine Cabin Masters, Restoring Galveston, The Johnnyswim Show, Family Dinner and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Magnolia Network

Is Magnolia Network Available on DISH?
Yes! The Magnolia Network is available as part of the America’s Top 200, America’s top 250 and Dish Flex Pack packages.
What Channel is Magnolia Network on DISH Network?
Magnolia Network is channel #111 on DISH Network
Can I watch Magnolia Network on my mobile device?
Yes! You can use the DISH Anywhere app to stream your Dish TV programming to your phone or tablet. Or, use your credentials from your DISH Network subscription to log into Discovery+ and stream Magnolia Network programming on demand.