You Could Be Watching 4 March Madness Games at Once with DISH’s Hopper 3

So you want to experience as much March Madness as possible, right? Lots of people will head to their local watering hole so they can watch multiple games on different TVs. But why wait hours for a table and cram yourself in shoulder-to-shoulder at the sports bar when you can watch 4 games at once with DISH? Plus the beer is cheaper too! MultiView is now available on DISH’s award-winning DVR, the Hopper 3. The feature just launched this morning, March 17, 2016. Just in time for the NCAA Tournament. You must have a Hopper 3 in order to watch 4 games at once. So if you aren’t a DISH subscriber yet, check out the Packages and Pricing and find the best fit for you. Once you’ve joined the growing DISH family, here’s how to use MultiView: Entering MultiView Mode:
  1. Press the Options button on the Hopper 3 remote and select #4 Picture in Picture (PiP). You will see PiP options at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select MultiView with your remote.
Hopper 3 MultiView Selecting Channels in MultiView:
  1. A red border highlights the active window. In order to change the channel within the active window, press the Channel Up or Channel Down buttons on the 52.0 remote or the Page Up and Page Down buttons on the 40.0 remote. You can also directly enter the channel numbers or bring up the Guide and select a channel.
  2. To make another window active in order to change the channel, press the Input button on the 52.0 remote or the Swap button on the 40.0 remote.
  3. Press Select on any MultiView active window to make it full screen.
  4. To go back to MultiView, press Input on the 52.0 remote or Swap on the 40.0 remote.
Watch 4 NCAA Tournaments Games with Hopper 3