The Industry leading Hopper 3 is Now Available

Hopper 3 is available now from DISH The Hopper 3 is no meager upgrade — DISH just threw down the technological gauntlet. As of February 2, 2016, the Hopper 3 is available nationwide. With features like commercial skipping “auto-hop”, DISH anywhere DVR capability, 2 TB internal storage (expandable with USB 3.0, the first of its kind), and the ability to record a staggering 16 programs simultaneously, the new Hopper 3 is a knock out set-top box. We’re excited to bring customers the best TV experience available, with our award winning technology.

Hopper 3 – 4K, Netflix and more

One of the most exciting new features, is the inclusion of 4K Ultra HD video support. As customers transition to 4k capable televisions, we’re ready. With the Hopper 3’s 2TB internal hard drive, you’ll have ample space to save that crisp 4k HD video, and the storage is expandable with USB 3.0! Considering that DirecTV’s 1TB non-4k Genie is only expandable via eSATA, DISH has made good on its reputation as the industries technology leader. Along with the geekier improvements, DISH has added features that will make watching and recording TV easier than ever. Here at Dish Promotions, we’re most excited for the new Universal Search with NETFLIX. Not only is NETFLIX included for free, for a year (even if you already have a subscription, we just pay it for you), the NETFLIX app integrates directly with the new hopper, allowing you to search for what’s on, what’s on the DVR and what’s on NETFLIX! Sports fans are equally excited about the all new 4k Sports Bar Mode. This multi-channel view divides your screen into four quadrants. You won’t miss any action or coverage, and you’ll really be making the most of that giant 4K TV’s HD display.

Hopper 3 Remote

Have you seen this remote?!
The new Voice activated Hopper 3 remote

A simple remote, and a more powerful TV experience.

Finally, a dirt simple remote with voice activated hands free operation

New Customers – Hopper 3 Upgrade Info

Eligible new customers are able to get the Hopper 3 as a free upgrade, and they’ll be able to power up to 7 separate TV’s using Joey receivers. No other set-top box gives you the whole-home DVR capability like DISH and the brand new Hopper. Related Articles: Dish Hopper vs DirecTV’s Genie: Side by Side Comparison Dish vs DirecTV – Satellite TV Provider Show Down CES 2016 Dish Announces Major Hopper and Joey Updates