DISH Launches New dishNET High-Speed Internet Plans

Dish InternetNew DISH subscribers in major markets now get faster Internet speeds and more data in their dishNET plans! The new DISH Internet plans, introduced this month, deliver faster downloads and higher data caps at no extra cost. Depending on location, subscribers are eligible for one of three new plans that provide up to 50 GB of monthly anytime data at speeds up to 15 Mbps. All plans also include 50 GB of off-peak data each month. Customers can further choose from among three service tiers within each plan to better tailor their Internet experience. Some plans may also be eligible for “Plus” features that allow for Internet use even if the monthly data allocation is exceeded. The new dishNET plans are available throughout the country, specifically, residents in the eastern half of the United States including parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, as well as the West Coast and Hawaii. The new plans will also be available in parts of Alaska, Arizona, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. Call 1-888-321-7209 today to find out more about high-speed DISH Internet service. Subscribers can save $10/month when they bundle dishNET and DISH TV services, and also benefit from the convenience of a single bill for all of their household entertainment. The new dishNET plans are only available to qualified customers in select areas who sign up for a 24-month subscription. Speeds and data allowances vary based on geographic location. All plans require $10/month equipment lease fee. Activation fees may apply.