Free HD for Life, No Catch

Enjoy simple, straightforward savings with DISH Free HD for Life. With DISH, HD Free for Life means exactly what it says – you get all of your favorite movies and shows in high definition at no extra cost. It’s just that simple. Other satellite providers charge extra for HD programming and then bury the costs in obscure fees. To get HD channels with DIRECTV, for example, you have to sign-up for “advanced receiver service” – something that costs an additional $15 a month. You won’t find that hidden cost advertised in the package price, it’s only found in the fine print. And if you want HD programming on cable TV, you can expect to pay twice as much as a leading DISH TV package. Savings shouldn’t be complicated. Your TV service shouldn’t be complicated, either. Get free HD for Life along with a free Hopper HD DVR just by signing up for a qualified DISH TV package. You also get free installation, free activation and the highest-rated customer support in the industry. Switching to DISH is fast and easy. Get a free quote today and start savings hundreds of dollars with DISH – the best value in entertainment!