All New Dish and DirecTV Comparison


We posted updates to our DISH vs. DIRECTV article. We want to make sure it’s as impartial as possible, to show that DISH is empirically better. We think it speaks for itself. It’s a comprehensive comparison between Directv and DISH. Here’s a quick look at what we found:

Value Package

Number of Channels190+145+
ESPN IncludedYesNo
Local Programing Fee$0$0
Local Sports Fee$0Not available
HD Programming Cost$0$0
Contract Term2 Years2 Years
Price Protection2-year Price Guarantee1 Year
Annual Price Increase$0$38
Second Year Monthly Pricing$49.99$88.00
Additional Fees$0$456

Summary: DISH customers save an average of $456 over a 2 year period.



Free Standard Professional InstallationYesYes
5 Year Customer Satisfaction Rating – Call Center#1#2
5 Year Customer Satisfaction Rating – Website#1#2
5 Year Customer Satisfaction Rating – Clearest Bill to Understand#1#2
5 Year Customer Satisfaction Rating – Lowest Customer Complaints#1#2

Summary: Based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index comparison of major TV providers (2010-2015), DISH has consistently delivered a better customer experience.


DVR CapabilitiesHopper 3 – Record 16 shows at once, 4K video ready, faster performanceGenie – Record 5 shows at once, 4K video ready, faster performance
Live TV AnywhereYesNo
DVR Access AnywhereYesNo
OnDeman AnywhereYesNo
Commercial SkippingYesNo
HD Recording Storage Capacity500 Hours Internal (USB expandable)200 Hours Internal (Not Expandable)
Wireless Receivers AvailableYesYes
Bluetooth AudioYesYes
Remote LocatorYesNo
Easily Record Primetime TVABC, CBS, NBC, and FoxNo

Summary: The DISH Hopper 3 is a more powerful DVR than the DIRECTV HD GENIE. It is capable of recording 16 channels of live TV simultaneously, includes more internal storage that can be easily expanded through it’s built in USB ports.