dishnet Satellite Internet to the Rescue


Rural Internet

Many Americans face rural internet crisis. With little to no cable infrastructure and with large distances between repeaters, living in the countryside often means being cut off from the world. Unfortunately, the convenient cellular data network access and Internet connections that people in urban and suburban areas enjoy don’t usually exist in the many small towns doting the American countryside. Up to 14.5 million Americans living in rural towns lack access to faster than 4 megabits per second (or Mbps) download and 1 mbps upload speed. It’s common for service providers avoid building any infrastructure in these sparsely populated areas, as they would not profit much, especially after the cost of development. Topography can also become an issue;  mountains and valleys do not make it easy to install cables.

Dish Internet: Connecting Rural Communities

Internet access is no longer a luxury. It’s needed by everyone, from companies to ordinary people. Being connected to the outside world defines the 21st Century. Dish Network is helping keep rural America connected with dishNET high-speed broadband satellite internet. Although there has been very little interest from the private sector to invest in the required infrastructure, some towns have taken the initiative to build their own fiber-optic networks, some funded through government money. In the Navajo Nation, they received a $32 million federal grant to provide wireless connection to the reservation. Unfortunately, this is not enough to meet the internet  needs of rural residents.

Choose Dish Network TV and Internet for the Best Deal

With the help of Dish Internet, rural communities can experience faster income growth and slower growth of unemployment rates. Although dishnet high-speed internet can’t compete with the fastest cable modem or Fiber optic internet service, it can help create small towns with big opportunities for growth. Rural and urban customers alike can bundle to get an even better deal on their Dish Network TV package, and any DISH TV customers can take advantage of the additional savings by adding DISH internet to their plan at anytime.