DISH Network and DIRECTV

The history between these two companies brought forth satellite TV services to the masses. DIRECTV – founded in 1990 as part of Hughes Electronics under the name Sky Cable – has a long history. However, DISH Network actually goes back much further than DIRECTV and was originally a part of EchoStar, founded in 1980. EchoStar provided global satellite services and developed hybrid video delivery technologies. In 1992, EchoStar was granted a direct broadcast satellite license and orbital access. In 1995, they launched their first satellite into orbit with EchoStar 1, and in 1996, DISH Network was formed. DISH Network then became its own separate entity and has proven through time why it is the leader in quality entertainment services. Remaining partners with the technologically driven and innovative EchoStar, DISH Network continues to provide premium, cutting edge services and products to over 14 million subscribers. See why DISH Network is the smarter choice!

Integrity and Innovation

In 1999, DISH Network proved to be the innovative pioneer by releasing the industry’s first HDTV box top tuner, delivering the highest quality shows to its customers. Understanding that keeping up with the latest technological trends is an important factor in customer satisfaction is what makes Dish stand apart. In keeping up with this forward thinking approach with the launch of the EchoStar IX in 2003, by 2004, DISH Network was the first to offer local television stations to all 50 states. Meanwhile, DIRECTV was focused more on figuring out where to apply the interest of the company which was controlled by several major shareholder groups. In 2004, Hughes finally made the decision to divest other interests and to focus on DIRECTV. Then, DIRECTV had its hands full once again in 2008, with over 20,000 complaints to the Better Business Bureau. In 2009, DIRECTV had a civil lawsuit filed against them by the state of Washington due to repeated violations of the state’s Consumer Protection Act. Then again in 2010, they were plagued by yet another 39,000 complaints to the Better Business Bureau, which subsequently earned it an F-rating.


There is more than history and integrity that separates the two service providers. In deciding which company to choose, it all comes down to one simple factor. What affects you? The packages! DIRECTV: DIRECTV has several packages to choose from including its Entertainment package for $34.99 a month which includes 140 channels; its choice package for $39.99 a month which includes 150 channels; and its Premier package for $97.99 a month which includes 285 channels. DISH Network: As the industry leader, DISH Network offers packages that allow you more control, better quality and greater value. Packages starting at $19.99 for 55 channels with the Smart Pack, $29.99 for America’s Top 120 which includes 120 channels, $39.99 for America’s Top 200 which includes 200 channels, and the Everything Pak (compare to DIRECTV’s Premier package that costs $1,080 more in just the first year) at $89.99 including 315 channels!

The Smart Choice!

DISH Network not only provides you with Blockbuster @Home streaming and mail order services just by ordering, it also provides HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz FREE for 3 full months with every package! Try before you buy! Don’t settle on less value for more money. Go for the gold with DISH Network’s custom packages and see why more and more people are choosing DISH over DIRECTV! DISH Network provides quality service, true 100% digital picture and sound, and greater control over what you watch. Save money by choosing DISH Network vs DIRECTV. Anything else just doesn’t make sense!