DISH Network vs Comcast

There are many cable and satellite service providers “claiming” to offer the best packages at the best rates. They also state that their delivery system is “the next big thing”. However, it would appear that with the rate technology is changing, there is only one company that remains constant in delivering the best quality picture and sound that we have come to rely on. There is only one company that actually lives up to its reputation. DISH Network provides 100% digital picture and sound on each, and every channel. Compared to cable, which claims it provides a digital picture (which actually varies channel by channel), DISH Network is clearly a cut above the rest. When we compare DISH Network vs Comcast and other cable providers, the difference becomes clear.


Comcast: In trying to remain a competitive force in the TV entertainment industry, Comcast has some of the best deals among its competitors. Cable packages starting at $49.99 for its Digital Starter package which includes 140 channels, its Digital Preferred package at $59.99 with 220 channels, and its Digital Premier package at $69.99 with 260 channels. These may sound like great deals at face value; however, they offer three main packages with little control over the channels you actually receive. DISH Network: As the industry leader, DISH Network offers packages that allow you more control, better quality, and greater value. Packages starting at $19.99 for 55 channels with the Smart Pack, $29.99 for America’s Top 120 including 120 channels, $39.99 for America’s Top 200 (compare to Comcast’s Digital Starter), and the Everything Pak at $89.99 including 315 channels!


Both DISH Network and Comcast offer extras that come with your subscription. Comcast offers HBO for $5 a month for 6 months for their Digital Starter and Digital Preferred, and a Premium Movie Channel package free for 12 months. DISH Network provides HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz FREE for three months with EVERY package! But it doesn’t end there. DISH Network also offers:
  • FREE Blockbuster @Home with the Smart Pack;
  • Blockbuster @Home, A FREE Hopper HD DVR upgrade, and FREE HD service for life with America’s Top 120;
  • Blockbuster @Home, A FREE Hopper HD DVR upgrade, FREE HD service for 2 years, and Regional Sports Networks INCLUDED with America’s Top 200;
  • AND with the Everything Pak you will receive all of that, but with 315 channels so you can enjoy every one of your favorite TV shows, series, and movies!
Premium channels also come with every package absolutely FREE for three full months, because that allows you to try each premium movie channel for free BEFORE you buy! Why settle for less when you can have more for less money? Recent reports from the FCC shows that choosing DISH Network over cable will save you an average of 35% on your bill every month. DISH Network provides quality service, true 100% digital picture and sound, and greater control over what you watch. Cable companies still transmit analog signals across numerous channels, and offer fewer packages. The choice is clear: DISH Network provides more control, better quality, and greater value. Get the scoop on the latest in entertainment with Dish Network vs Comcast!