Dish Internet Guide


DISH Network provides High-Speed Internet service to homes across the country. Many Americans rely on a fast internet connection, not only for communication or entertainment purposes, but for their job and their income. The fact remains that many people are mystified by general internet terms. like FiOS, broadband, satellite or DSL. Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of internet service and to help you determine what should you be looking for from an internet service provider.

Internet Price

For the uninitiated, there might be a tendency to select internet service based on the price, either low or high. For some customers this might work out just fine, but there is always the risk that you’re spending too much or getting too little for your money.  It’s clear that it’s possible  to choose a plan that will save you a lot of money, but will the speed be fast enough?  It’s possible to save money on fast internet with the increasingly popular TV and Internet bundles. Everyone loves a good deal, so let’s look at how you can determine the best internet service for you.

FiOS – Fiber Optic Internet Service

FiOS internet service is currently the fastest internet option available. If you need the best speed and reliability, FiOS will be the best choice. Unfortunately, FiOS internet service isn’t available in most areas, which means it’s unlikely you’ll be able to take advantage of 1G Fiber-Optic internet.

Cable Broadband Internet Service

For customers who live in or close to a city,  cable internet will likely provide a pretty good connection. It’s probable that a cable connection will be perfect for most people. Cable internet can even handle large data requirements, like streaming TV or online gaming. You can even stream OnDemand TV and Movies from multiple devices without noticing any lag. It’s important to look at your internet plan to make sure it can handle your entertainment needs. Cable speeds can vary from plan to plan, and even the time of day. It’s always best to ask.

2016 dishnet and wireline dsl internet guide

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Wireline DSL Internet Service

With Wireline High-Speed Internet DSL, will get you the fastest Internet speeds available from Dish network. Wireline isn’t available everywhere, so be sure to ask your agent for the best internet option in your area. How does DSL work?  DSL relies on an existing home phone line to connect to the internet. Wireline DSL subscribers could to see speeds up to about 40 Mbps!

DISH Satellite Internet

Dish Network satellite internet, or dishNET, is America’s number one satellite internet service. With speeds as fast as 4G service, dishNET internet is the best Internet solution for rural customers where DSL, cable or FiOS service are not available. Although dishNET is great for basic internet tasks, it’s not quite fast enough to meet the data requirements of tasks such as online gaming. Here’s an unintentionally funny video to further your knowledge of the internet: