Starz Encore Action (EACTN): DISH Channel Number 343

Starz Encore Action provides explosive action movies 24/7. Some of the top shows and movies currently on Starz Encore Action (EACTN) include: The Guardian, The Count of Monte Cristo, Sniper, Total Recall, Fury, Behind Enemy Lines, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, The Day After Tomorrow, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dea..., The Edge, The A-Team, Predator 2, The Peacemaker, Flight of the Phoenix, Cutthroat Island, The Fifth Element, The Thin Red Line, Mercury Rising, Kingdom of Heaven, Stealth, Crocodile Dundee II, Volcano, Die Hard 2, Entrapment, True Lies.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Starz Encore Action

    Is Starz Encore Action (EACTN) available on DISH?
    Yes. Starz Encore Action (EACTN) is available as part of these packages: America's Top 250 and Everything Pack|Starz Encore Movies
    What channel is Starz Encore Action (EACTN) on DISH Network?
    Starz Encore Action (EACTN) is channel # 343 on DISH Network.
    What is Starz Encore Action?
    Starz Encore Action provides explosive action movies 24/7.