TechCrunch asks "What’s the Big Deal" about AutoHop, spends quality time with the Hopper

Yesterday, TechCrunch writer John Biggs spent some time with the Hopper and weighed in on all the lawsuits and controversy. His conclusions? 1) The Hopper is “one of the best DVRs you can get”. 2) The Hopper “disrupts the broadcast model considerably by essentially picking out all the good stuff on major primetime networks and serving it up to viewers on a silver platter.” 3) This is why CBS is all mad at DISH. 4) “[T]his thing [The Hopper] did deserve best of CES and CBS was stupid to try to hush up CNET.” And 5) “[A]ll the legal futzing in the world won’t change the fact that the way we use our televisions has changed drastically.” Check out the full article here: