DISH Network vs Bright House

Unlike the old days where staying in contact with family and friends meant waiting two months for a letter to come by horseback, today there are so many amazing ways to keep in contact on a daily bases and see what others are sharing. Sites like Facebook, YouTube and Skype are some of the most popular methods. However, to use most of their features, you need a fast and reliable Internet connection. Many companies claim to be the best, but in a side-by-side comparison, DISH Network has continuously remained ahead of Bright House for Internet plus TV bundles as well as standalone TV packages. Providing incredible service and unbelievable savings, DISH knows what you need to keep in touch with the people you care about. DISH Network offers unbelievably fast speeds (as fast as 4G!), for an amazing low price of just $49.99 a month if you don’t get a bundle. And you can save $10/month by bundling Internet with existing or new DISH TV service, making it just $39.99 a month for DISH’s reliable high-speed satellite Internet service! Meanwhile, Bright House’s digital package with fewer channels and fewer features starts at $99 per month. It’s easy to see that DISH understands the growing demands of today’s new age of communication and quality home entertainment, providing us with add-ons and extras like:
  • Internet speeds 3X faster than DSL!
  • Nationwide coverage!
  • $240 in savings when you bundle!
  • Speeds as fast as 4G!
And when you order DISH satellite TV service:
  • The Hopper free upgrade, which gives you the benefits of recording your favorite movies and TV shows
  • The DISH Anywhere app for free, which allows you to watch your recorded AND live shows from your phone whenever and wherever you want
  • FREE HD for life!
  • Premium movie channels FREE for three full months with EVERY package in 1080P clarity!
Unlike Bright House Networks, which offers ordinary cable and Internet service in only a limited area, DISH Network is all-digital and nationwide. And remember all of those hidden taxes, service fees and other miscellaneous charges that keep appearing on your cable bill? DISH saves you from it. DISH is a competitive company, unlike local protected cable monopolies, and it doesn’t charge hidden fees and special “infrastructure” taxes on top of your bill. You end up saving even more money over the already-low package prices! You also get the best equipment with DISH. The menus and remotes are incredibly easy to use. The high-definition set-top boxes give you crisp, gorgeous images. And they let you take your TV shows anywhere you want to go. Going on a business trip? Catch up on your favorite shows while you’re on the plane. Going on a family road trip? Give the kids in back live or prerecorded TV on a smart phone or tablet – guaranteed to keep them occupied for hours! When comparing DISH Network vs Bright House, only DISH gives you the best benefits, and you get it for less money!