DISH Network vs Verizon FiOS TV

In the race for television superiority, Verizon FiOS TV and DISH Network are exploring new and innovative technologies. Due to the overwhelming flood into the market, Verizon has introduced fiber optics as yet another alternative to cable. However, as with cable, it has four major disadvantages. Compatibility issues plague fiber optics systems because many TV and audio manufacturers do not anticipate its use. Customers have also reported other issues with FiOS, such as:
  • Channel issues: Channel display will show that the user has changed channels, yet the same broadcast is being displayed. Sometimes it takes several attempts to change the channel.
  • HDMI compatibility issues: HDMI from TV or external audio components experience connectivity issues with the Verizon Motorola set-top box.
  • Program “end time” recording: FiOS lacks the functionality to manually adjust the end time of a program when recording via DVR. The record timer will automatically stop recording at a specific time, instead of allowing the program to end before ceasing to record.
  • Channel buffering: When rewinding live programming, there is a buffer time. Once this is encountered, customers will have a wait time before being able to return to live TV.
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