DISH Network vs Mediacom

“I just wanna watch TV!” How many times have you said this while your cable service was on the fritz? You call the cable company only to be told — after an extra-long wait time — that there is an outage in your area. Wouldn’t it be nice to have TV service you could count on? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to invite your friends and family over for the big game this weekend? Well, now you can! Some people think that the local cable company is their only option. Not true! DISH offers reliable, nationwide TV and Internet service. Cable outages? No problem! DISH uses premium satellite technology in order to ensure that your service is always on when you need it. The picture is clear. DISH Network offers state-of-the-art equipment, 100% digital picture and sound, and loads of premium features and new-customer promotions. Let’s compare Mediacom’s premier package against DISH Network’s most popular choice:
  • Mediacom: 200 channels for $54.95/mo. – $6.95 per month for HD service – $6.50 per month for a DVR
  • DISH: America’s Top 200 includes more than 220 channels for $39.99/mo. – FREE premium movie channels for three months – FREE Hopper HD DVR Upgrade – FREE HD for life – regional sports networks included
Don’t settle on less value for more money. Let the other guys deal with cable outages right before a game-defining moment. You will be there for the action! What do you have to lose? Kick the winning goal with DISH!