DISH Network vs Cox

Now more than ever, quality, control and service are the three primary factors people are looking for when choosing between DISH Network or Cox cable. You want a service provider that offers absolute quality in picture, sound and reliability. You want control over what you watch, when you want to watch it. You also want premium customer service that allows you to relax. DISH provides every customer with a reason to subscribe and a reason to stay. Having said that, let’s not forget about the extras! It never hurts to get more than just the basics. DISH Network offers a host of extras and add-ons with every package! 100% digital picture and sound on each and every channel, Blockbuster @Home and premium movie channels FREE for a full three months with every subscription means that there are no “lesser” packages! But, they do get better! With America’s Top 120 package and above, you also get HD service FREE for life, and a free Hopper HD DVR upgrade! With America’s Top 200 package and above you get all that, AND… Regional Sports Networks included in your subscription! Can Cox say the same? Here are some excerpts from what Cox subscribers have to say on
  • “Very unethical customer service and false advertising to the highest limit.” – Ray of Henderson, NV
  • “Cox has more commercials than television” – Guglielmo of San Diego, CA
  • “In March my bill was $122.96, in April $142.93, in May $153.48. These were after I signed on to a “bundle” to save existing customers’ money…Note, I have no movie channels, do not have a landline telephone, and have been a customer for 9 years.” – Sally of Las Vegas, NV
There are no “hidden fees” or unknown “service charges.” Your bill is easy to understand, has fewer taxes than local cable and all charges are fully explained: No surprises! DISH Network offers packages that allow you more control, better quality and greater value. Packages starting at $19.99 for 55 channels with the Smart Pack, $29.99 for America’s Top 120, $39.99 for America’s Top 200, and the Everything Pak at $89.99 including 315 channels! The choice is clear. See why more people are switching from Cox to DISH than ever before!