Dish Network or Cablevision Optimum?

In today’s flourishing world of home entertainment technology, we expect more from Internet service providers. We want a company that understands these demands and constantly finds new ways to give us the best possible services at the lowest prices. We need a company that caters to many different needs so that we know that we will get exactly what we need. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of choosing DISH over Cablevision packages. We’ll see which one better fits your needs and today’s growing demands. When we look at DISH and Cablevision, the first thing we notice is the price. The Cablevision Optimum Economy package starts at $44.95 a month while DISH offers four different packages loaded with channels for a lower cost: $19.99/month, $29.99/month, $34.99/month and $39.99/month. Indeed, at basically the same price as the “Economy” package through Optimum, DISH gives you 12 months of its America’s Top 250 package at $44.99/month. That’s nearly the most luxurious package DISH offers! It comes with 290+ channels and loads of extras. Optimum Economy doesn’t even come close. DISH saves you money and gives you more. It’s no surprise so many people switch to DISH who used to be Optimum customers in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Utah, Montana or Wyoming. With DISH, you also get true mobility with your TV. No restrictions on where you are when you watch live TV, unlike Optimum’s requirement that you be in your house on your own Internet connection in order to watch live TV. DISH lets you take your live and recorded shows anywhere you want on your phone, tablet or computer. DISH also offers:
  • Local HD channels
  • Nationwide coverage along with reliability, quality and control
  • Internet for rural customers with speeds as fast as 4G
  • Free HD for life
  • Free premium movie channels for three months
DISH also gives more viewing options than Cablevision for those who speak a second language, as well! DISH offers four different Spanish-language packages and over 100 different packages from 25 regions around the world. As the leader in international programming options, programming from India, China, South East Asia, Europe, Africa and South America that local cable companies wouldn’t dream of offering, DISH provides in popular packages at the best prices. Your next step: compare your current bill with a free online quote. Most who switch to DISH save over $300 in just their first year!