DISH Network vs Cable One

Many cable service providers, like Cable One, are scratching their heads. The want to convince the public to keep paying for cable, but people keep switching in record numbers. Cable companies continue to miss the common denominator plaguing each of them: they offer outdated TV service. The problem is present even before the you see their prices. Cable had its day. It was an advancement over antenna TV, and brought about a big jump in communications technology. However, that was then, this is now – welcome to the dawn of a new age! DISH Network offers the next BIG thing in home entertainment and communications! The difference is, DISH has continuously remained the bar-setter for quality home entertainment. Further, they continue to remain ahead of the curve, not by keeping up with technological advancements, but creating them! Cable One is a standard cable service provider, hence, their problem is obvious before even looking at the packages they offer. However, upon closer scrutiny, investors have seen that by adhering to an older model of TV service, Cable One’s cost of repair and maintenance just won’t allow for competing prices. Here are two standard packages compared side-by-side with Dish. Cable One:
  • Economy Cable TV Package – $29 @ 20 channels. No Extras.
  • Standard Cable TV Package – $62 @ 100 channels. No Extras.
  • Smart Pack – $19.99 @ 55 channels. Includes free HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz for 3 months/free movies with Blockbuster @Home.
  • Top 120 – $29.99 @ 120 channels. Includes free HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz for 3 months/free Blockbuster @Home/free HD tuner and free HD service for up to 2 years/Free Hopper HD DVR upgrade
Add-ons you say? DISH has add-ons!
  • DISH Anywhere app – Allows subscribers to watch recorded or live TV anywhere, anytime.
  • Blockbuster @Home (available with every package)
  • Hopper – The Hopper puts the control of your Dish subscription in your hands. Record up to 8 shows simultaneously when paired with a Super Joey, it stores up to 83 days of shows, commercial skip, live and recorded TV anywhere, anytime.
  • The Tailgater – Celebrate your favorite sporting events the way they were meant to be witnessed; from the open tailgate of your truck. the Tailgater brings full-service live satellite TV anywhere, anytime.
When it comes to DISH, there are no competitors. Only those who struggle to reach the high standards set by Dish. The packages, quality, service, and reliability all are best in the industry. DISH Network offers 100% digital picture and sound on EVERY channel, the most reliable TV and internet service, friendly and fast customer service.