Dish International Packages – Middle East


Dish International Middle East TV packages brings you great TV programming in Arabic and Hebrew.  

DISH Arabic Packages


Arabic: Elite Super

The Arabic Elite Super package has more Arabic channels than any other package in the country. There is something for everyone! Catch the best TV series, dramas, movies, news, top soccer leagues, talk shows, comedies, children’s entertainment, and more…. It’s a great value.


Arabic: Elite

This is the top rated Arabic general entertainment channel. Enjoy the most popular movies, series, news and more. If you’re looking for quality Arabic programming, you’ll find it with the Arabic: Elite package.

Arabic: Enhanced

Choose the Enhanced package to watch a wide variety of Arabic programming, including series, movies, news, talk shows, and more!


Arabic: Music

The Arabic Music Pack offers a variety of the top Arabic music channels. Enjoy the best Arab music, from contemporary to classical!


Arabic: Iqraa

Iqraa offers religious, media, social and economic programs tailored to the Muslim community. Iqraa’s programming includes documentaries, live talk-shows, dramas, cultural and educational programs, and more!

Package requires additional subscription to qualifying International programming.

Arabic: Noursat

This is the first and only Christian channel from Lebanon. It is supervised by the Assembly of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops, and offers talk shows, documentaries, history, classical music recitals, and social and spiritual programs.


Arabic: Aghapy TV

Aghapy is the first Coptic Christian satellite channel, and aims to serve Christians worldwide through the broadcast of spiritual, social and health-related programs.

Israeli TV Packages

Hebrew: The Israeli Network

Hebrew offers the best of Israeli TV in America. You’ll find a great selection of shows from Israel’s leading channels: Channel One, Two, Ten, Sports, and Hop TV for kids as well as showcasing educational and cultural programs about Israel and its culture.