DISH adds Virtual Joey, Super Joey to Hopper Family

DISH made headlines at the 2014 Consumer Electronic Show with products that extend DVR capabilities throughout the entire house. The innovative line of Joey products work hand-in-hand with the Hopper DVR and give customers unprecedented control over their television. DISH Super Joey, DISH Wireless Joey and DISH Joey So just what are these Joeys, and what does each one do? Super Joey The Super Joey is a standalone set-top box that adds new capabilities to the Hopper DVR. With the Super Joey, customers can now record up to eight shows at the same time – any four channels plus ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. Virtual Joey The Virtual Joey is an app that gives customers Hopper functionality on a smart TV or gaming system – without the need for additional hardware. The Virtual Joey app will be available on the Sony PlayStation (PS3 and PS4), along with LG smart TVs. Wireless Joey The Wireless Joey is the perfect option for those who want to mount flat-screens on a wall. As the name suggests, the Wireless Joey does not connect to your TV with a cable; instead, it establishes a dedicated wireless network that provides Hopper access. DISH expects to release the new Joey products early this year, but already the accolades are pouring in – the Super Joey earned several awards from the tech press, and the Virtual Joey took home a “Best of CES 2014” award from Engadget.