MLB World Series Predictions


MLB World Series 2016 Prediction:world-series No matter who ends up winning the World Series, a very long drought will end. 68 years for the Indians and 108 years for the Cubs. With the series split 1-1 and heading back to Chicago, DISH wanted to throw our prediction out there. The Indians came out very strong in Game 1, but we saw a different team in Game 2. A no-hitter through 6 innings pitched by the Cubs sealed the deal for Chicago. A huge away win and a lot of momentum will be with the Cubs as they bring the series back home. The Indians are going to have to score some runs to help out their pitching after last game. The Cubs dominated the plate with Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant. The Cubs have the more talented roster with less injuries. How long can the Indians pitching keep their form? That’s the question that made our decision. With an exhausted team and a worn out pitching staff, the Indians won’t be able to keep up. DISH is predicting the Cubs to win in 6 games. This will be a great World Series with some unfamiliar faces and we can’t wait to see the outcome. Good luck to both clubs!