What happened to DishNET? (Does DISH still have satellite internet?)

It seems like some of you are still curious about DishNET, DISH Network’s Satellite Internet service. Some of you may remember the name from the past or maybe some may have a neighbor who is still on it. Either way, you still are probably curious to see if DISH is still offering satellite internet service – or any internet service at all. The short story is that DISH is no longer offering internet service, satellite or otherwise BUT you can still get internet with your DISH TV, sometimes as a true bundle or sometimes separate. We’ll walk you though your options here…

Does DISH still have satellite internet?

Not anymore – but… In early 2017 DISH Network’s parent company Echostar re-structured a bunch of its assets and simplified the business. Under Echostar there were two satellite internet options. DishNET from DISH Network and HughesNet from Hughes. It seemed silly for DISH to offer basically the same service as its sister company, HughesNet, so DISH removed its satellite internet options and only offered DSL based internet branded DishNET Wireline. You can still get satellite internet from HughesNet – learn more here.

Does DISH still offer DishNET Wireline?

Also, not anymore. In Q4 of 2017, DISH also stopped selling DishNET Wireline making the DishNET brand obsolete. Dish’s DSL service went away for new customers and DISH started to focus more on its core satellite television service.

Can you still bundle internet with DISH TV?

Yes. There are options for you with for a true DISH bundle. The first option is with Frontier. If you live in an area where Frontier internet is available, you can bundle your Frontier internet and DISH television service into one package and have only one bill.

Other than Frontier, can you bundle internet and TV with DISH?

For a “TRUE” bundle – TV and internet on one plan, no BUT you can can pair any internet service in your area with DISH Network an still probably save money. If you live in an area where satellite tv and internet is your only option, pairing DISH TV and HughesNet satellite internet would be great! Satellite internet has come along way in the past few years and for most things other than very extreme online gaming or multiple streams of HD video, HughesNet might be a options for you. If there are other options, besides satellite, in your area, our skilled sales representatives can tell you and help guide you for the best options in your area.


While DISH has gotten out of the internet game completely. There are still many internet options for you to pair or bundle with your satellite TV service. Let us show you what they are. Call us at 1-844-693-0284 and talk with one of our sales representatives today!