Memphis, TN Nightlife Review

Memphis, TN is one of the best places to have fun with your friends over the weekend. If you have been looking for a good hangout where you listen to live music, dine and drink the whole night in Memphis, then you have come to the right page. In our Memphis, TN nightlife Review, we have outlined five spots that will rarely disappoint.

Young Avenue Deli: 2119 Young Ave, Memphis, TN 38104 (901) 278-0034

Young Avenue Deli is among the top spots where you can hear live music, thanks to the expansive stage and large area for seating. Located right at the heart Copper Young, the spot attract performances from different acts. If you do not like music, you can visit the place and taste some of the foods prepared by excellent chefs in Memphis. The main theme of food at this club is bar food with tips. Some of the popular delicacies that you can enjoy while at the club include super veggie sandwich, beer battered artichoke hearts and sweet potato fries just to mention a few of them. Furthermore, the bar boasts of wide selection of the best beer brands from all over the world. Any time you feel bored, simply stroll to this club and play pool or Foosball. The huge projector screen at the venue offers you the opportunity of catching a live Memphis Grizzlies game on Satellite TV.

Newby’s Memphis: 539 S Highland St, Memphis, TN 38111 (901) 452-8408

Located a few miles from the University of Memphis, Newby’s Memphis houses a live music space, pool hall and large bar where you can have a taste of the best wines. Headline acts such as Jason Mraz, Daughtry as well as Quiet Riot have all performed at this venue. When it comes to food, you can have spicy crawfish served with fried prickles or smothered tater tots among others.

Brookhaven Pub and Grill: 695 W Brookhaven Cir, Memphis, TN 38117 (901) 680-8118

Do you want to have a taste of turkey, smoked cheddar and honey mustard? Well if that is the case, then you should head to the Brookhaven Pub and grill with one or two friends this weekend. In addition to the great dishes, the pub and grill has live music performance and a Large outdoor patio where you can have ultimate fun. The full bar serves lunch as well as dinner at pocket friendly prices that will not leave broke before the end of the month.

T.J Mulligan’s: 1817 Kirby Parkway at Poplar, Memphis, TN 38138 (901) 755-2481

Offering a wide range of food, appetizers burgers, salads and dinner entrees, T.J Mulligan’s -highway 64 is simply one in its own class. The live music performances on every Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays as well as Saturdays will make to keep visiting this place any time you feel like having fun. While at the destination, you teach your friends one or two dance moves before catching a live match on the big and smaller screens at the pub.

RP Tracks Restaurant & Bar: 3547 Walker Ave, Memphis, TN 38111 (901) 327-1471

RP is an amazing college hangout. Located in the southern part of the University of Memphis, the venue attracts thousands of students as well as locals. Some of the popular menus at the place include bacon-grilled cheese, grilled chicken and Swiss cheese. Vegetarians can have a taste of alpha beta pita and alfalfa sprouts among other dishes. In conclusion, Memphis boasts of many venues where you can dance to your favorite music, watch matches, enjoy delicious meals, drink wine or beer and relax with friends among other activities. With the many clubs in this place, you have no reason to spend the whole day bored