Comcast Internet

One of the renowned internet providers in America is Comcast. The company offers a variety of digital cable services, digital voice services, and data services. The data services are much flexible and the most used at home and for business. Here is a Comcast internet review, about its reliability to the clients;

The High Internet

The company offers high-quality internet connection to its customers, and most of them highly depend on its internet speeds. The speed levels offered come in varieties, and they help to fulfill different customer needs. The internet speed packages start from as low as 6Mbps, rated with the Performance Starter service. They extend to 105Mbps, categorized in the Extreme 105 service. They also offer higher Internet speeds in some areas, with a rating of 505Mbps, for the Extreme 505 service.

The Broadband Plans

Three packages are listed under the Comcast internet. They include the following:

  • Economy package. This one is the most affordable and it comes with internet speeds of 1Mbps or less. They also have an upload speed of 384Kbps or less. It is a plan is used by many home users.
  • Performance Package. This is slightly expensive than the Economy package since it has an upload speed of 2Mpbs and a speed of 12Mpbs. It also comes with a PowerBoost Technology that makes it super reliable.
  • Performance Plus. With this package, the features are almost similar to the Performance package, except that it has speeds of 16Mbps.
    These are the packages that are used in areas with more Comcast subscribers. For most customers, they feel that the download speeds are fast enough for them. The download speeds of Comcast range from as little as 51 to 100Mbps, especially for the high-grade packages.

Bandwidth Throttling

The data services offered by Comcast are topped at 250GB in a month, which is the bandwidth is particular areas. Rated at the current standard, this might seem far much higher. There is no limitation and for that, you may use the internet without having any regulation or throttling. Nonetheless, some users have claimed to experience the throttling. The lack of throttling can mean that your network can be jammed by many users, which will limit your access to the internet. It could be possible that the provider has introduced the bandwidth throttling, which can help many to have a swift internet surfing, without any congestion.

WiFi Packages

Comcast also offers fast WiFi connections to its clients. One of the top WiFi packages is the WiFi For Business. This is a connection that is designed for business purposes, and you can rely on it for your customers and employees. The Comcast Business Internet Clients are enjoying the reliable WiFi For Business. This is a reliable package that comes with specific features, including the following:

  • Public WiFi. This one is a Xfinity hotspot that is designed for the patrons and the clients.
  • Private WiFi. This is another secure or private WiFi connection that is specially designed for an organization.

The WiFi packages are perfectly customized to fit in a business organization. Their speeds are fast, and there is security, especially with the private WiFi package. You can access the hotspots from anywhere around the country. You are also allowed to connect any of your mobile devices, whether your laptop, desktop, or the mobile devices. They are also affordable and overly reliable. Above all, these packages come with a money-back guarantee that runs for 30 days.

The good thing about Comcast is that it has a credible Internet Security. This one comes with the Constant Guard feature. This feature will offer a dependable online security to the clients. Nonetheless, the service is only compatible with the Windows platform. That means that you may enjoy it on your Macintosh or any other Apple device.


Comcast Internet has a blend of packages that come with different features. Whichever package you choose, you can be sure of enjoying reliable service. But remember that DISH also offers Internet service, varying from DSL to high-speed fiber depending on your area. You still may want to consider DISH over Comcast. With a responsive customer support, this service has been dependable to many clients. The good thing is that the Internet packages and services are offered both for residential and commercial use. The prices are also quite flexible and super friendly. However, the leasing equipment can be expensive. Other users claim that they purchased the packages when they were cheap, but the prices hiked afterwards.