Meet 5 Famous People From Longview Texas

Forest Whitaker

Perhaps best known for his role as the dictator of Uganda in The Last King of Scotland, Forest Whitaker has also won other prestigious awards during his career. A mention-worthy example would be the Golden Globe, Bafta, and the Academy Award.

Forest started his acting career at the age of 21 playing a footballer in a movie comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High. He usually plays those “gentle giant” type of characters, attempting to show there can sometimes be a big warm heart hiding under the mask of a rugged skin.

Andy Bowles

Known both as an actor and a film-maker, Andy was born in Longview Texas. Even as a youngster, his enthusiasm for the art-form of film-making was always shining through the indie movies he used to make with the help of his friends.

Later on, he started taking acting even more seriously, and thus signed up to be a professional actor. For a vast period of time, he studied acting in Hollywood, the centre of popular culture and film industry. Under the watchful eye of his mentors, he quickly rose to the top, and is now one of the most famous actors today.

Jean Howard

During 40s and 50s, Jean was already using her trusty camera to capture important moments in her life, thus immortalizing them forever. But it wasn’t just her life either; she captured various social gatherings ranging from parties, sports events, as well as tournaments.

Her photography is famous for the big names that can be found within. Gene Tierney, Cole Porter, Jennifer Jones… these are just some of the people she photographed during the course of her life. In the year 1989, a collection book was released that features the most prominent faces of Hollywood, titled “Jean Howard’s Hollywood”.

Karen Silkwood

Through the controversy of her passing, the public has gained an increased awareness of nuclear issues. Thanks to her, the industry is now under the watchful eye of the people, and is forced to adhere to ethics and make responsible decisions.

A shroud of mystery surrounds the car accident she was a victim of, and there are many unexplained details that still remain unresolved up to this very day.

In 1983, a movie was released, revealing all sorts of intricacies about her death, and more importantly, her life story. Now, she is mostly known as an activist who exposed the wrongdoings of her employer which she used to work for as a power plant technician.

Chris Davis

One of the finest professional baseball players, Chris is in the prime of his life. Currently playing for the Texas Rangers, he is one of the most well-known sports heroes of this day.

Known for his left-handed batting and right-handed throws, he is a valuable member of the team unlike any other. He is married and has a beautiful daughter. People probably imagine his life being all about baseball, but not a lot of them know that he also enjoys bass fishing in his free time.

His Christian faith keeps him strong during the games, and according to his own words, helps him keep appreciative and humble in life.