A Look at Houston, Texas Nightlife

If there is one true thing, it is that when it comes to a genuinely great nightlife’s within a metro setting, Houston, Texas has got one of the very best. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to live it up on the dancefloor or if you are just looking to simply chill out in a casual, relaxing bar, you won’t find any better in the heartland or the United States for that matter. Let this Houston, TX Nightlife Review be your guide in enlightening you into a world of true Texas night culture. Every taste will be satisfied in the Great city of Houston and below you will learn about some of the various hot spot establishments within the nightlife realm:

Goode’s Armadillo Palace: 5015 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098 (713) 526-9700

Just by a mere gander, you may come up with the assumption that Goode’s Armadillo Palace is your run-of-the-mill honkey tonk/night club but it actually has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. The live music is predominantly country as one might expect but the quality of the live music is at an undeniably high level. The atmosphere is casual and the beer is always ice cold and if you happen to be in the mood for a nice mixed-drink without the frills, Goode’s has got covered.

Red Door: 2532 Nottingham St, Houston, TX 77005 (713) 522-4343

This swanky midtown lounge is two-stories high and inside it almost resembles a warehouse but when the crowds begin to wander in around 11:00pm, you got yourself a rockin’ atmosphere built to entertain. The upstairs lounge sports stylistic modern decor but the designs of the interior never take itself too seriously. The bar downstairs has a very low key vibe, which of course stands out more due to the fast-moving atmosphere around it. Also downstairs, there is a DJ there to spin out some great tunes and get the dance vibe headed in the right direction. To top it off, there is a fantastic patio outside with several tables and chairs to suit those in the mood to take in the outdoor ambiance.

The Gallant Knight: 2511 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005 (760) 815-6474

One of the more interesting spots comes in the form of an old home which houses live dancing that is completely 60?s themed. The Gallant Knight is truly a quirky place but it is undeniably fun and entertaining. The crowd is completely mixed and when you see hipsters intertwined with the older crowd, you are bound to catch some highly interesting and no doubt funny sights. If you happen to be in the Houston area, this is a unique place that surely cannot be missed.

Pub Fiction: 2303 Smith St #100, Houston, TX 77006 (713) 400-8400

Even though this amazingly hipster establishment has the word “pub” in it’s name, don’t be fooled, it most certainly isn’t a pub. It is a bonafide lounge that serves the “younger/cooler” clientele but rest assured that it also serves up some of the best pub-grub in town, without question. The actual bar inside is massive, for what seems to be stretched out for miles. Great drinks are served and there is quite an assortment of fine, cold ales to be had at your every whim. There is a really great outdoor area with plenty of seating, making it a great place for those warm summer Texas nights. The place can get a little busy at times and you can bet that after 11pm or so it can get immensely crowded so if you are a low-key person, you may be better off at a different location.

Cecil’s Tavern: 600 W Gray St, Houston, TX 77019 (713) 527-9101

Although it may be a little on the tiny side of things, Cecil’s bar has great pool tables and a massive patio to enjoy with good friends. You will find splendid drinks that are always priced great and you can also bet that Cecil’s draft beer selection is absolutely phenomenal. Great tunes and fun, totally simplified for those purist who just want a good ol’ fashioned bar atmosphere.