NFL Sunday Ticket: Every Live Game. Every Sunday.

NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV written by: danielac1 It is that time of year when NFL fans who do not live in their favorite team’s market are looking for ways to watch on Sundays. Whether it’s a Giants fan in Arizona or a Steelers fan in Seattle, traveling to a restaurant or bar can get expensive. Million of fans around the world are getting excited for the regular season to get started. Teams have high hopes, as do fans – and users are constantly asking us how to watch NFL games live on mobile devices.

Earlier this year the NFL announced its own service called Game Pass. This promised to stream all 256 regular season, Super Bowl and play-off games to an array of devices, including computers, smartphones and tablets. However, they are not live action, and only on-demand after the game ends. That’s no fun and there’s a better option.

This second option is to sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket with DirecTV. The Telco is paying $1.6 billion a year for the next 8 years for Sunday Ticket exclusivity.

DirecTV, now part of the AT&T family of services, is the largest satellite TV providers in the US, delivering a premium video experience through state-of-the-art technology. AT&T said its operations would be merged with DirecTV’s “over the coming months.” The two companies agreed to merge in May 2014. The government approval process took more than a year. Regulators said they needed the time to review and address the potential harms of the deal.

DirecTV serves more than 20 million customers in the United States and Latin America. This company provides its customers with every live NFL game, every Sunday afternoon.

Even more, the satellite company announced recently that it’s making a streaming deal of its popular NFL Sunday Ticket package to nearly every four-year college and university in the country. This is a significant boost as the last year the stream has been available for just 10 colleges.

This deal will allow students to pay $25 per month for the four-month package, which allows subscribers to watch out-of-market games. This is half of the normal $50 per month cost for streaming NFL games for people who are not students, but live in condominiums where you can’t put up a DirecTV dish.

That said, NFL Sunday Ticket offers live out-of-market NFL games to computers, mobile devices, game consoles and smartTV devices including Chromecast and Roku. Devoted fans willing to pay $90 a month can also access the DirecTV Fantasy Zone and Red Zone Channel, with additional data and analysis for fantasy football fans. As you can see, this is a big reason some people choose DirecTV instead of DISH.

With 2015 nearly halfway over you’d think there would be enough options in place for NFL fans to watch games live on their Android smartphones and iPhones. Even though there are countless ways to watch NFL football games live, it’s still kinda difficult. The NFL’s greed is getting in the way of fans around the world being able to watch live games. Being a Packers fan living in Las Vegas, I rarely can watch my team. That is just a shame.

However, the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket is hands-down the best way to enjoy NFL games. It costs a pretty penny for current subscribers and it’s free for new members, but it allows access to every single game being played each Sunday.

With Sunday Ticket Max, customers can download the app for their smartphone and stream all the NFL games right on their devices.

Current DIRECTV satellite customers can access live out-of-market games on a Roku player or Roku TV model with a subscription to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. Whatever package you choose, NFL SUNDAY TICKET is the only way to watch every out-of-market game you want on your big screen.

The NFL season kicked off on September 10 with a Thursday night game between the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers on NBC.

DirecTV also made a heavy marketing push for its Max package this week, which gives fans Red Zone, Fantasy and mobile access. Mobile access is very useful if you like to use smartphone apps. Furthermore, not much has changed from the price points and offerings pointed out last year. That said, DirecTV offers a lot for this cost. However, if fans want strictly digital access, they’d better live in an apartment complex, not have access to DirecTV or be a student.