The Genie Receiver by DirecTV

In this stress-filled world of today, television has become a godsend. It allows you to relax after a long day, and finally spend some time with your family and loved ones. But what happens when not everyone is satisfied? Your two year old wants cartoons, your partner wants their show, and in all that, you just missed out on that awesome movie you were thinking about all day. But with DirecTV’s unique DVR, you will finally be able to say goodbye to all these conflicts. If you’re wondering how this is possible, say hello to Genie – the most advanced HD DVR ever! This little wonder is what will make conflicting shows a thing of the past. It comes with some awesome advantages that are sure to change your television experience forever.

Just one Genie receiver can give you complete HD DVR functionality in every room – all you need to do is connect it to wireless Genie minis. Now, if you have overlapping shows, this isn’t a problem for this incredible gadget either. It can record up to five shows at once – so you and your partner can watch later while sitting besides your kids as the cartoons rage on. All these shows can be recorded in HD as well – this way you can truly live the satellite television experience!

If you’re worried about constantly deleting old episodes for new ones, however, you can cross that one off your list as well. Tape all your favorite shows fearlessly – the 1 terabyte in-built storage has your back. With this, you can now watch everything at your convenience, no need to click that dreaded delete button on your preferred movies or TV series.

Moreover, the advanced recommendation system within this device will also be able to give you customized recommendations depending on your preferences. This is ideal if you’re on the lookout for new shows, but never really seem to find great ones. Once you watch an episode, you will be asked what you thought about it. If you liked it, Genie will then ask you if you’d like to record the rest of the season. And it’s as easy as that – now you can catch up on the series at your leisure. Moreover, this terrific device will also store up to five weeks of a recommended show – so if you like it, go ahead and get caught up on the rest of the episodes!

But if it isn’t recording that you’re worried about, Genie still has plenty more to offer. Perhaps you want to watch two shows at once. But switching between channels can be a little frustrating. Instead, check out our picture-in-picture feature. This allows you to minimize the second show while you concentrate on first. But you can switch it around at the press of a button to ensure that you don’t miss out on a single bit. You needn’t be straddled between an impossible choice anymore – we understand how important TV shows can be.

Just remember to connect the Genie HD DVR to the wireless Genie minis. A single HDR can connect to up to 8 minis, making sure that every room in your house has excellent service. This way, you can pause, record, and delete shows from every room. You can even begin a movie in one room, and finish it in another – thereby accommodating you in every way possible! However, only four of these, including the main television set, will be able to show recorded or live content simultaneously. So if you’re going to have more than 4 television sets running at the same time, it’s best to just invest in yet another HD DVR. These can all work together to give you the ultimate Genie experience.

This is a compact device with an incredible storage capacity. With it you can get the HD DVR experience in every television set without an unsightly box present around it. To top it off, the wireless minis give you the ability to shift your television set about without fretting over the DVR box and tangled wires – we understand that those can be a nightmare. Instead, we have come up with an innovative device to ensure happiness in every home. Now you can relax, bond, and enjoy all your favorite shows together at any time!