A Little About DirecTV

Based in El Segundo, California, DirecTV is an American direct broadcast service provider and satellite broadcaster. Since the launch of its satellite service on 17th June, 1994, DirecTv begun to transmit digital audio and satellite television to households in the United States, Caribbean and Latin America. The services provided by DirecTV bear similarity to those of many local television stations, subscription television services, broadcast television networks, private video services and satellite radio services. Furthermore, the subscribers have access to hundreds of channels making their competitors only cable television and other satellite based services.

Consumers of DirecTV subscribe to the various packages of programming for which they pay a monthly fee. Additionally, viewers can also order video on demand or pay per view events and movies since DirecTV enjoys contracts with major program providers such as motion picture distributors, sports leagues, cable networks and event promoters to mention just but a few for the right to distribute their programming to their subscribers.

How DirecTV Got Its Start

The History of DirecTV dates back to 1953 when Howard Hughes created Howard Hughes Medical Institute to which full ownership was transferred to Hughes aircraft. Following his death in 1976, Howard Hughes Medical Institute was incorporated in 1977 followed by a litigation to determine whether HHMI was to be allowed to maintain its interest in Hughes aircraft. In 1984, a new board for HHMI was appointed by the court which then sold off Hughes aircraft to General Motors for approximately $ 5.2 billion. General Motors then proceeded to merge its subsidiary Delco electronics with Hughes aircraft giving birth to Hughes electronics Corporation. The new subsidiary was initially composed of four units including Delco Electronics Company, Hughes Space and Communication Company, Hughes Network Systems not forgetting Hughes Aircraft Company.

Stanley E. Hubbard founded the Unites States Satellite broadcasting (USSB). Following its creation, USSB was awarded five frequencies at the coveted 101 degree west satellite location by the FCC. Also awarded 27 frequencies at the same location was Hughes communications. After many years of technological research and development to attain high capacity and high powered satellites coupled with Hughes failure to complete a joint venture with cablevision, News Corp and NBC, the company created DirecTV. This was a separate division and a secured agreement was made with USSB to build and launch the first high power direct broadcast satellite system where USSB and DirecTV agreed that the two satellites would carry the two separate programming services namely DirecTV and USSB. On 17th June, 1994, the two programming services were launched.

A series of negotiations with News Corporation and Echostar failed to materialize but on April 9th 2003, News Corporation agreed to a 34% controlling interest purchase in Hughes. The deal was approved SEC under two conditions which forced News Corp to provide content through DirecTV neutrally rather than favoring its own networks and agree to arbitration of all disputes with carriers of its media broadcasters. Later acquisitions included purchase of most of the assets of Replay TV from D&M holdings by DirecTV on 13th December, 2007. Later in August 2009, DirecTV also acquired home services provider Connect Television Inc. and in June 2013, LifeShield a maker of wireless home security systems was also purchased by DirecTV. Most recently on July 24th 2015, FCC approved a merger between DirecTV and AT&T with AT&T purchasing DirecTV for an estimate worth of $48.5 billion.

DirecTV Genie Receiver

DirecTV’s digital receiver is called the Genie and is one of the most powerful and advanced HD DVR with ultimate functionality and comes packed with an array of exciting features. To begin with, the Genie can record 200 hours of HD entertainment while eliminating recording conflicts since you can record up to five shows at once. What’s more, finding your favorite sport is a walk in the park since with one click, you can get all your favorite sporting events in one location. Furthermore, you can tune in to two channels at the same time on one screen and even watch them side by side. You can record, pause, rewind or delete any shows in any room of your home from a single genie HD DVR.

DirecTV’s TV Ads

From 2006, DirecTV took advertising to a whole new level with characters from popular television shows and movies gracing the screens. Some of the most memorable appearances included Captain Kirk, Bill Harding, Steve Freeling, Ann Darrow and Richard Hayden to mention just but a few. Furthermore, cartoon characters have also made an appearance including Scooby Doo and the Mystery. More recent commercials have featured a talking horse and model Hannah Davis.

NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV

Every Sunday DirecTV brings you every live game at no extra cost. For real-time highlights and live games everywhere you go you can subscribe to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX. This allows you access to the Redzone channel, NFL.com fantasy not to mention DirecTV Fantasy zone channel all on your tablet, laptop, game console or phone. Furthermore, you can watch four or eight live games in amazing HD on a single channel not forgetting that you can also choose up to 20 players and keep tabs on their stats throughout the game. If you do not want to miss a moment of the game, the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV gives you stats and minute by minute scores without missing a second. It is also worth noting that DirecTV owns exclusive rights to sell the Sunday NFL ticket.